Poll Shows Support For Big M Slots

Published: November 22, 2010 04:35 pm EST

With several bills related to the state’s gaming industries on today’s Legislative agenda, the Hall Institute has released the results of an informal survey regarding the possibility of adding slot machines at the Meadowlands Racetrack


The survey, conducted last week during the New Jersey State League of Municipalities conference, showed that slightly more than half of the 254 people who participated would favour having slot machines at the Meadowlands. A total of 134 people supported slots; 73 opposed them, and 47 had no opinion.

Overall, most of those who took part in the survey said there would be no change in where they gambled if slots were added at the Meadowlands. Only 19 of the respondents said they would gamble less in Atlantic City, while 49 said they would do less gambling in nearby states.

The Hall Institute has been following developments in the state’s gaming, professional sports, and entertainment industries since July when a special commission appointed by Governor Christie issued a report containing a widespread series of recommendations.

George E. Hall, the institute’s founder, testified at before a special legislative Gaming Commission that was established after the Governor’s report was issued. In addition, Hall Institute Communications Director Richard A. Lee authored a research essay on the issue. Lee’s essay, A More Robust Analysis Is Needed Before New Jersey Maps A Plan For the Future of Our Gaming, Sports and Entertainment Industries, was posted on the Hall Institute website in September.

(Hall Institute)



It is a little late for a report like this, and quite useless. The powers that be have cast their lots and without the right for people to petition their own initiatives, nothing different will happen.

Who would have thought we need to cast our lots with legislators from Atlantic City and South Jersey. While they will not allow slots, they are willing to give racing a chance to make it on their own; something the Governor and his toadie Hanson are unwilling to do.