Trainer Trapped In Car For 30 Hours

Published: November 20, 2014 01:12 pm EST

A Canadian trainer has explained how he was stranded in his car for 30 hours due to the record snowstorm that has crippled the Buffalo area in upstate New York.

Dave O'Connor, a Thoroughbred trainer that races stock at Woodbine Racetrack and Fort Erie, has told Bullet News Niagara that he was stranded on the I-90 thruway for more than 30 hours.

The article explains that O’Connor was heading back to Ontario after watching one of his horses race at Mountaineer Racetrack in West Virginia.

He stated that things had “got real tricky” by the time he reached the Town of Angola. O’Connor had been following a transport truck through the blizzard when things came to a standstill.

He said that “The snow was up over my hood – I knew I wasn't going anywhere.”

The report goes on to say that the snow accumulated so badly around he car that he was unable to open his door. O’Connor had a half-tank of gas and kept in contact with his wife via cell phone until it died.

He stayed glued to his radio and eventually got moving again.

To read the harrowing story in its entirety, click here.

(With files from the Bullet News Niagara)