Tetrick, Sears Fined For Red Mile Kicking

Published: October 9, 2013 01:31 pm EDT

Drivers Tim Tetrick and Brian Sears, who drove Captaintreacherous and Vegas Vacation to a one-two finish, respectively, in a Tattersalls division last Saturday, October 5, at the Red Mile, have each been fined $500 for kicking their horses in the stretch.

“While the race video that was shown to the public both live and immediately afterward showed a foot of both drivers leaving the stirrup, it was inconclusive as to whether or not contact was made with their horses,” Kentucky Racing Commission Deputy Executive Director Marc Guilfoil told harnessracing.com Wednesday afternoon. “Kentucky rules state that ‘removal of a foot from the stirrups in and of itself shall not constitute the act of kicking.’

“That said, we have since been able to watch video of the race from different angles, specifically the head-on stretch view as well as a lower-level camera angle that was not available at the time to the stewards, and have come to the conclusion that the right foot of Mr. Tetrick and the left foot of Mr. Sears struck their horse more than once. Thus, they have both been issued fines of $500 in violation of the rule that prohibits the kicking of a horse.”

Guilfoil said earlier comments made by presiding steward Rich Williams that downplayed the actions of the two drivers were made prematurely and before the subsequent video angles revealed the severity of the kicking.

“While Mr. Williams noted his initial reaction was that the contact with the horses’ hocks was not severe, and fell within the guidelines given drivers at the beginning of the meet that contact considered incidental would not be punished, after having time to watch the head-on videos he agrees sanctions against Mr. Tetrick and Mr. Sears are warranted,” said Guilfoil.




The purse was for 215 THOU and the fine for cheating is 500 bucks!!!!

There---that $500.00 fine ought to show them not to break the rules of racing! Farcical!

From across the pond:
Maybe, just maybe the drivers could get more swing on the stick in the stretch drive to the line, after all they were racing for big bucks.

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