Racing Community Update In Ottawa

Published: October 24, 2017 09:55 am EDT

The National Capital Region Harness Horse Association (NCRHHA) hosted a Racing Community Update at Rideau Carleton Raceway on Monday (October 23) with the Rideau Carleton Management Team (Richard Gardner, Peter Andrusek), Alliance Leadership (Jamie Martin, Ian Fleming, Scott McKelvie), COSA (Bill O’Donnell), Standardbred Canada (Dan Gall) and the NCRHHA (Gordon McDonald, John McMillan, Brian and Michelle Jerome).

The meeting, chaired by NCRHHA President Gordon McDonald, was attended by 40 members of Rideau’s racing community who were briefed on the 2018 funding model, racing schedule, backstretch renovation plans, association operations & future amalgamation discussions, Standardbred Canada initiatives and, perhaps most importantly, plans to implement the centralized Race Office model beginning mid November 2017.

“There was a healthy exchange of information and questions with the Panel, which served to clear the air for our racing community members who are pleased with recent purse adjustments and the very strong support we continue to receive from Rideau Carleton and our Alliance partners”, said McDonald.

The NCRHHA and the members of its Rideau Carleton racing community wish to thank the panel members who came to Ottawa for this event. "We look forward to a productive relationship as we move forward to grow the Standardbred racing industry at Rideau Carleton and across Ontario," said McDonald on behalf of the organization.



Rideau should take over the old "Real Sports" down in the market and establish a world class sports bar/betting theater. The foundation has clearly been laid and the chance to establish a first rate racebook was missed with Real Sports.

If I had the cash, I would be trying my hardest to make it work as that was almost the perfect marriage. The location of RCR isn't good in terms of accessing the Gatineau market, and a first rate sports bar/teletheater would increase gambling in downtown Ottawa, a market untapped currently as everyone heads to Lac Lemy.

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