Big Surprise In Breeders Crown Entries; Fields Posted

Published: October 16, 2012 02:07 pm EDT

On Tuesday, October 16, entries for the Breeders Crown finals had one big surprise.

The surprise came in the form of $2.3-million winning mare Put On A Show being one of 10 pacers entered in the Open Pace, a first in Breeders Crown history.

The other nine pacers that will contest the Open Pace are, in alphabetical order, Aracache Hanover, Bettor Sweet, Foiled Again, Foreclosure N, Golden Receiver, Hypnotic Blue Chip, Razzle Dazzle, Up The Credit and We Will See.

The Breeders Crown Trot, headlined by Chapter Seven and foreign invitee Commander Crowe, drew just six trotters. Former Crown champ Arch Madness, Hot Shot Blue Chip, Daylon Magician and Mister Herbie will comprise the field.

The following races will go straight to finals: Two-Year-Old Filly Trot, with 10 entered; Three-Year-Old Filly Trot, with 11 entered; Mare Pace, with 11 entered; Open Pace, with 10 entered; and the Open Trot, with six entered.

All other divisions have eliminations or bye situations. Two-year-old eliminations will be held Friday, October 19 and the sophomore divisions requiring eliminations will race Saturday, October 20.

The first five finishers from each elim will advance to the final. The connections of elimination winners may pick their post positions for the finals.

Major Athens and Dont You Forget It accepted byes to the final of the Two-Year-Old Colt Trot while I Luv The Nitelife, Parlee Beach and UF Dragons Queen took byes to the final of the Two-Year-Old Filly Pace. The defending Breeders Crown champion, Frenchfrysnvinegar, along with Pembroke Heat Wave and Cedar Dove opted to take the byes to the final of the Mare Trot.

The Open Trot will be drawn at a press conference at WEGZ Stadium Bar on Tuesday, October 23.

To view entries for Friday and Saturday night's cards, click the following links:
Friday Entries - Friday Program
Saturday Entries - Saturday Program

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In reply to by richard young

show might not be herself
going back to the milton elim, show really should have won off those fractions,
half in 55'1, 3/4 in 1:25,?? and then in the milton final after a suicide half
put up in front of show, jody brushes up to go by yanick, and for whatever reason
yanick decides NOT to follow show??? hmmm thats where things go off the rails in my opinion!! i also thought show might have been a little sore in the final, as she seemed to have a bit of a strange hitch to her gait?? but as for the drive by jody, i see no faults at all, in fact i thought it was the perfect move to try and get by yanick at that point in the race.. my question would have been why didn't yanick want to let show go and re move in the stretch?? maybe he saw the same show i did, and thought as i did, "show might not have been herself"
i dont think jody was to blame for the poor finish of show!! and now the connections want to take on the boys?? this will be quite a show!! and best of luck to all

I wish you good luck Mr Young I guess you never know until you try. Its going to be tough also because Woodbine is such a speed favouring track as well but they could go ballistic up front again and that would certainly give her a much better chance. Great mare and she certainly ranks up there with all of the great mares Mr Riga named.

I find it amusing how just because one has a different opinion they are suddenly uninformed. Well let me just say that I have been going to the races and betting on them for just about 40 years now and I will gladly and confidently put up my handicapping skills against ANYONE'S. Oh and by the way, not to brag but I had a winning ticket on both Androvette and Rebecca in their respective races when they beat SHOW so how's that for handicapping? Oh and I also had Blame the day he beat Zenyatta in the Breeders Cup Classic and I was telling anyone who would listen that the day she went against quality male horses would be the day she lost. And I was right. I don't care if it was by a nose, I don't care if people say Mike Smith gave his horse a bad drive the point is I cashed a ticket and if they raced again I would take Blame again.I would agree that SHOW was the best 3 year old mare and I am not trying to argue whether SHOW is a great MARE. Notice I say MARE. Is she the best today? As pointed out maybe, and with a possible more yes then no. Can she beat the boys. On a good day with the right trip sure she can.Can she grind it out first over like the tough Foiled Again does and still beat you. I highly doubt it. What is the liklihood of her beating them? I would say the odds are not in her favour. Not because she is not a very good mare but because she is going up against some very good horses. So criticise me if you like, call me a bad or uninformed handicapper if you like but I'll tell you what if they race together ten times I will gladly talke your bet as to whether she will "get cleaned or not". After ten races we will see who is uninformed and who is lighter in the wallet.

In reply to by richard young

Mr Young,
I applaud you for putting your money where your mouth is. Instead of bragging about how good she was you did something about it and are giving her the opportunity to prove it. That Sir takes a lot of bravado. Good luck in the BC.

At first I thought the comment that Show would get cleaned was coming from an uninformed fan,however when reading the next long winded comment,I realize its coming from an uniformed bad handicapper.Soundly beaten by Rebecca Bayama?

Except for the race Show was rushed out of the gate and broke, Rebecca has NEVER beaten Put On A Show. Everyone beat Show that race. A good handicapper would throw that race out. Drop The Ball has beaten Show a grand total of once and if you asked Jody, he would take full responsibility :) and Anndrovette has managed it a few times but not very often.

If one looks at Show's races, you may think Show raced poorly in 3 others but if one looks at the fractions and Show's position one might ask what were the drivers thinking. lol What were they thinking? This particular mare division is quite strong. One must realize that the older divisions are stronger and can't be compared to any 3 yr old division and especially trotters where one dominating is more prevalent. Note Show was dominant at 3. After an injury at 4, she is arguably the best mare racing today. Notice I said arguably. Those other mares you mentioned were great and they are impossible to compare but if you did you would find Show measures up favorably or better.

To Mr Jacob Smith,
I assumed your "getting cleaned" comment was directed at me so I will respond. My use of the term getting cleaned is my way of saying she will be beat and to your suggestion that I missed her first 45 races I can assure you I watched her from the beginning. I will not deny that she is a great mare, but she does not make number one on my list of the greatest ever having watched the likes of Armbro Feather, Eternal Camnation, Town Pro, Ellamony and on and on.I actually had the pleasure of being there on the day the great Armbro Feather raced the great Matts Scooter. So please do not patronize me with your comments about what I missed. Put On A Show is a very very good mare. But she has not dominated the mares ranks in the same way that Check Me Out has dominated the filly ranks. Check Me Out has really only been beaten by herself when she makes a miscue, otherwise no filly really beats her. Put On A Show has been soundly beaten by other mares such as Androvette, Rebecca Bayama, Drop the Ball etc. So it is fair to say she is not even the best mare this year. If her connections want to take a shot against the boys thats their choice and they have every right to do so. It may even make the race more interesting. Do I think she has a shot to win? Of course I do. Would I be surprised if she won? Absolutely not. She is good enough that she can take advantage of a good trip but history has shown that in most cases they do not win. I wish her luck just as I wish any horse and their connections luck in any race. However, I bet with my brain and wallet not my heart and as such if I do decide to bet that race unless I am getting great odds on her and really bad odds on another pick I will not be betting on her.

this decision was surely a tough one, maybe not the most financially advisable long term but it creates interest similar to what europeans racing in the BC will bring. it was going to be one of the most anticipated races of the night and this will only make it better.

put on a show is one of my all time favorites, i have loved watching her race and as everyone i thought it was a tragedy that she missed her 4yr old campaign. she is truly one of the all time greats, richest filly ever, a winner of over 2 million, world record holder. the list goes on and on and if anyone is going to have a shot to beat the boys it is her.

also... to those saying she is "going to get cleaned" and that it "may actually hurt her longterm". you must have missed her first 45 races (aka her entire career). if nothing else this is a tough and consistent mare, tough enough to come back from a serious injury and be a force to be reckoned with throughout the year, and you don't have to go any further than citing her 39 1-2-3 finishes to see her consistency.

anyways i can't wait for the 27th. regardless of the odds, i'm sure i will have a $2 win ticket on her for keepsake.

I have to agree I hope I am wrong but facing the boys is a huge task.
And getting beat up is not going to help her confidence and may actually
hurt her longterm.

Maybe once in lifetime does one get a mare like Put on a Show. I thought this was her best opportunity to showcase her talent. She's a big strong mare who's shown time and again that she can come back from adversity both from injury and racing. I hope she gets a chance in the race to prove her mettle.

Your right Joe that is a horrible decision to race her vs the boys. Their reasoning because betterthancheddar isnt in. It doesnt matter its a extremely tough race and deep. I predict a last place finish for a phenomenal mare

Open Trot , boy how do you pick? Mr Herbie on home a whisker over Chapter Seven and the Commander