New Drug Intrigue For 2011?

Published: January 4, 2011 10:00 am EST

The new year starts where the old one ended, with a drug mystery


According to the Harness Tracks of America Newsletter, it involves thoroughbred trainer Richard Dutrow, Jr., who could face reprimand after one of his horses tested positive for a banned substance. State stewards would not comment on the nature of the positive test, and leading racing chemists said they didn’t know what had been found.

In an interesting sidelight, the horse involved, a $20,000 claimer named Fastus Cactus, winner of seven races, was claimed out of the race in question by trainer Naipaul Chatterpaul, who ran him back for the same price and won. He was given the option of returning him to Dutrow, but chose to keep him, saying “I think I can do well with him.”

The new owner, Kathryn D’Agostino, said she didn’t want the horse after he came back with a positive.

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A positive is a positive. You do the crime you do the time NO matter who you are. I am glad to hear he is good to his horses. There are so many trainers that need horsemanship classes, and training themselves.

Positive for what?Is he outsmarting us.Or just an amazing trainer who has this horse in top shape,which is proven by the change of barns and temporarily the same results.

Well Mr. Murphy you should spend some time on the backside. I have and I will assure you that Mr. Dutrow does train a bit differently from the others. He treats them well too -that alone is different from a lot of others.

I'm not sure of Adam Albert's logic when he suggests cutting Richard Dutrow a break. Regardless of the size of a trainer's operation, a positive test is bad publicity for the sport. Dutrow has had enough positives in the past that many horse players will not play a race in which he has a horse competing. I will say that it is somewhere between unfair and downright stupid to announce that Dutrow had a positive test but not to be specific as to the level of the drug.

Dutrow does an amazing job with horses that are sent to him. In a short period of time he turns average horses into superstars, do you really think that he is that much smarter than any of the other trainers that have had these horses before?

As a handicapper we see the trends and jump on them, not because we think he has training techniques that are unique or he uses equipment that others do not. We know that its something else. When trainers of either breed have horses that show a dramatic turnaround in form they become targets for investigations. This is not a witch hunt, this is trying to protect the public.

Dutrow is an amazing trainer! he would not be so talked about if he wasnt a big time trainer. Many small outfits across North America get positives a lot and it is not into the public like this. Cut Dutrow a break!

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