'Luck' Gets Go-Ahead For Season 2

Published: January 31, 2012 04:35 pm EST

Two days after the debut episode aired, HBO has announced that it has given the green light for the second season of its new horse-racing drama, 'Luck.'

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, HBO has announced that the second season of the series will contain 10 episodes and will start in January of next year.

In terms of ratings, the Luck premiere, which aired Sunday, January 29, attracted 1.1 million viewers, the same amount that tuned in to watch a sneak-peek broadcasting of the pilot late last year.

(With files from the Los Angeles Times)

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...and thorougbred racing enjoys a much better perception as far as cheating is concerned than our industry.

Hey, but I know it's fiction and am very intrigued. I will keep watching to see how the plot unfolds, as will many, many others. Although a horse was destroyed in the episode(sensationalism to get people's attention), I thought there definetely was some pathos and poignancy as the apprentace jockey held her head and the discussion with the veteran later on showed that they cared. The fact that someone cried (I certainly grimaced) during the scene is actually quite a compliment to the connections.

I'm not really sure what everyone was expecting. Right from the start there was talk of crime bosses and crooked trainers when the sneek peeks were shown. I firmly believe that this will have very little negative effect on horseracing in general.

Yes Mr Burgess and Mr. Leber. You have spoke the truth as opposed to the multitude of "cheerleaders" who have suggested the racing exposure will help the game!!

It had great acting which was no surprise considering the cast. And the camera angles and footage are dramatic---as good or better than what is in Seabiscuit. But as the last respondent said they couldn't get through the first episode without showing cheating, drug abuse, a criminal element participating, and of course a catastrophic injury on the track. And in no way is this presented as anything other than daily common occurrences in the sport. People may flock to watch this show but I'm pretty certain it won't be encouraging new investors or observers to horse racing itself.

In the very first episode they show a trainer win with a horse that has bad race lines and is set up to be a longshot. He cashes big. They also show a horse being destroyed on the track and industry people that have substance abuse issues as well as criminal records. Of course there are the loan sharks etc.

I can't wait until they show a drunk jockey, a murder and a corrupt politician.

People in North America form a lot of their opinions from what they watch TV. This is especially true when they don't know anything about the subject matter.

Apart from that the acting is good and I cried when the horse was put down. I will continue to watch. I hope the guys that won the Pick 6 actually get to keep the money. Something tells me it will not go to plan.

Georg Leber-ICR Racing