Lindy Farms Barn Collapse; Mares Euthanized

Published: January 27, 2011 04:20 pm EST

Horsemen and women should take the latest harness racing tragedy as a warning to ensure stables and barns are not overloaded with snow. Lindy Farms has announced that champion Moni Maker and three others were trapped and had to be rescued this morning at its Connecticut location. Two of the mares had to be euthanized


A good-sized portion of the breeding barn collapsed due to a large and heavy amount of overnight snow.

Frank Antonacci, Jr. broke the news today on the farm's Facebook page.

Antonacci's announcement appears below.

'Tragedy struck the Antonacci Family and Lindy Farms this morning at the main farm in Connecticut. A large portion of our breeding barn at our farm in Somers collapsed under the weight of the overnight snow. Four horses were trapped originally. One horse was able to free himself (Gladiator Lindy), while the other three horses (Moni Maker, Lady Starlet, and My Dolly) were trapped under the snow and rubble.

'All three were finally rescued but Lady Starlet and My Dolly were unable to be saved. Moni Maker (the greatest champion of all time) seems to be doing well at this time. All of the horses at our farm are loved and none more so than the three mares that were trapped in this disaster this morning. They were the cornerstones of Lindy Farms and Matriarchs to many of our top families

'To have these mares endure this disaster is heartbreaking and we will all shed a tear for Lady Starlet and My Dolly. Lady Starlet and My Dolly were both champions on the racetrack and the breeding shed and will be missed greatly. Thankfully no people were injured in the collapse. We send great thanks to everyone involved in the rescue effort.

'Lady Starlet was the winner of the Merrie Annabelle... also the mother of My Dolly a Breeders Crown winner... and great grand dam of The Lindy Reserve this years Peter Haughton champion.'

To view a video report on the incident, click here.

Please join Standardbred Canada in sending condolences to Lindy Farms and the connections of Lady Starlett and My Dolly.



That is a tradgdy. Hope everyone is doing fine. Wally Hennessey who owned moni maker is from my home town of PEI. Hope all of the owners of the horses are doing fine

In reply to by cm25

Wally was actually the driver of Moni Maker for most of her career but I don't believe he held any ownership of the horse.

What a heartbreaking tragedy. I feel so awful for them.

Poor poor mares.


My Condolences to the owners and prayers go out to the horses lost...Such a heartbreaking thing when a freak accident occurs like this and takes the lives of such wonderful animals

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