'Pocket Jockey' Pro Whipping?

Published: January 12, 2009 01:48 pm EST

In 2008, the issue of whipping in horse racing was thrust to the forefront of the industry. Giving the sensitive and contentious nature of the topic, it comes as a bit of a surprise to see the act as a key element of a recent, interactive hand-held video game application.

With 'Pocket Jockey,' iPhone users can compete against friends or the iPhone itself in a horse racing video game.

Users can play the game in three different ways:

  • Jump up and down while holding the iPhone in front of your face, then 'whip' your horse by flicking the screen.
  • Bouncing your legs like you're on the back of a horse after putting the iPhone in your back pocket. You can whip the horse by spanking yourself.
  • Tap the screen, and whip the horse by flicking the screen.

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I'm sure those behind the inclusion of whipping in this game are as well informed on the matter as those who fervently support whipping in real life.

I think they, like EVERY horse racing video game I have ever seen brings the element of whipping into play because that's the only action the horse racing novice sees jockeys do. They have little concept of the other elements of race riding. As long as the game is set up so that excessive whipping HURTS their chances of winning and that players are advised to only whip when they absolutely have to in order to get response from their mount, it doesn't hurt the campaign to reduce or eliminate whipping in our sports.

"You can whip the horse by spanking yourself."

Perhaps iPhone has the whipping reform compromise that Ontario racing has been seeking all along!