‘The Stable’ Seminar At Goshen Sale

Published: August 8, 2017 03:07 pm EDT

On Sunday, September 10, the Harness Horse Breeders of NYS and the Goshen Sales Company will host an interactive seminar with Anthony MacDonald at the Goshen Yearling Sales Arena for those interested in investing in horse ownership. The seminar is open to both prospective owners and horsemen.

If you have always thought that owning a racehorse was only for the select few you need to attend this seminar.

Anthony MacDonald has designed an innovative ownership concept to allow anyone that has an interest in horse racing an opportunity to buy into the excitement. This will be the first time this concept will be shared in New York.

MacDonald will be on hand from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. to discuss his fractional ownership website, thestable.ca, with prospective owners and horsemen.

“In all honesty, the response to our platform has been overwhelming,” said MacDonald. “My wife and I started thestable.ca to sell percentages of horses. What we quickly discovered is that we’re selling an experience. When packaged right, there’s no end of consumers. We’re equal parts social network, investment, family farm, and the sport of kings.”

Thestable.ca markets horses to clients in increments as low as one per cent. Owners receive weekly video updates on their horses and stay connected through social networks and training events at The Stable’s base of operations in Campbellville, Ontario.

“The lifeblood of the industry is owners. No owners, no horses. No horses, no anything,” said MacDonald. “We make ownership fun, accessible and stress-free. We didn’t start thestable.ca to be a revolutionary change agent, but we’re seeing its potential – and not just for our operation. For trainers that want to understand our recipe, we’re happy to share.”

Thestable.ca purchased horses at the Goshen Yearling Sale last year and this could be an opportunity to join in an adventure from the ground up.

Harness Horse Breeders of NYS and the Goshen Yearling Sales Company support any initiative that will provide growth in the Standardbred Industry with an emphasis on the NY breeding, buying and racing program. Both organizations are pleased to offer this seminar to those who have an interest in becoming a horse owner.

Please call Betty at 518-785-5858 to reserve a seat. Reservations are not necessary but appreciated. Refreshments will be served.