New Rules On Labelling Of Meds

Published: July 15, 2011 12:45 pm EDT

Following the completion of the public consultation process, the Ontario Racing Commission has announced that modified rules regarding the labelling of medications are now in effect

. These changed rules are just one aspect of medication control efforts in place to protect the health and welfare of the horse in Ontario.

The Rules of Racing (TB 27.20; SB 8.14) require veterinarians to list specific information on the label of any drug or medication they are dispensing, such as their name and address, the name and strength of the drug, identity of the horse for which it is prescribed, and name of the trainer of the horse. This rule required that a separate bottle be dispensed for each horse, regardless of the number of horses being treated with the same therapeutic drug.

The Rules have been modified to allow drugs to be dispensed to multiple horses from a single container, which shall be marked 'BARN USE.' However, the rule still requires that written records and logs must be maintained by the veterinarian and the trainer of the horses, when a drug is dispensed in this manner.

Trainers are reminded that under the Rules of Racing (TB 15.09.01(f); SB 3.09.01 (f)) they shall maintain records relating to the particulars of any medications administered to horses in their care.

Veterinarians are also reminded that under the rules (TB 27.14; SB 8:08.02), the records maintained and kept by a veterinarian must include the name of the horse, the names of the owner and trainer, the date of the administration or prescription of the drug, substance or medication, and its nature.

For more information, please refer to the following Directives:

Standardbred Directive Number 4-2011
Thoroughbred Directive Number 4-2011