RDC Set For Tuesday At 3R

Published: June 16, 2014 11:37 pm EDT

The action will be fast and furious on Tuesday night at the Hippodrome 3R as the track hosts the Quebec Eastern Regional Driving Championship. The competition will feature eight championship races starting in race two through race nine.

The top two finishers, based on points, will go on to compete in the National Driving Championship on August 26 at Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at Charlottetown Driving Park.

Featured in the competition are Pascal Berube, Gord Brown, Mario Charron, Guy Gagnon, Jocelyn Gendron, Stephane Gendron, Sylvain Lacaille and Denis St Pierre.

If you follow just the morning line odds then it will be a four-way battle for the two spots as Pascal Berube, Sylvain Lacaille, Mario Charron and Guy Gagnon, are all major contenders. But, driving championships such as this are usually wide-open events and the driver you may least expect to do well can rise to the occasion and surprise everyone in the competition with a big night of racing.

The Regional Driving Championships and the National Driving Championship will adapt the point system utilized in the World Driving Championship. Points will be awarded on the order of finish as follows:


Number of Starters 8:
15 (1), 10 (2), 7 (3), 5 (4), 4 (5), 3 (6), 2 (7), 1 (8).

Number of Starters 7:
14 (1), 9 (2), 6 (3), 4 (4), 3 (5), 2 (6), 1 (7).

• In the event of a horse being scratched or where no horse is available, five (5) points shall be awarded to the driver concerned. If a horse is disqualified or a horse and driver fail to complete the race, they will receive one (1) point.

• In the event of a scratch, the driving rep drawn to a horse shall drive the ‘also eligible’ horse.

• In the event of a dead heat for any placing in any race the points for the horses involved will be added together and divided equally among the drivers concerned (If there’s a dead heat for third between two horses, the points for third and fourth place will be added and divided among the drivers).

The live race program begins at 7 p.m.

To view the harness racing entries for Tuesday at Hippodrome 3R, click the following link: Tuesday Entries - Hippodrome 3R.

(Quebec Jockey Club)