WEG Guarantees Pool Of Popular Wager

Published: March 12, 2010 11:04 am EST

The Woodbine Entertainment Group today announced that it has added a new twist to one of its popular

Monday night wagers.

The announcement states that WEG's early Pick-4 wager will now feature a guaranteed pool of $35,000 starting this Monday, March 15.

The early Pick-4, which asks fans to pick the winners of four consecutive races beginning in Race 4, is one of the track's most popular nightly pools and consistently generates some of the largest payoffs of the week.

"The Pick-4 wager has continually proven to be a popular bet with our customers,” said Sean Pinsonneault, WEG's vice president of Wagering Services. “We are very pleased to be able to offer the guarantee to showcase its value."

Woodbine's Monday programs have been receiving added exposure through the popular U.S. horse racing TV channel, TVG. In Canada, a portion of WEG's Monday night standardbred racing is on The Score from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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As a previous email stated the pools are always at 35K plus, use the Marketing dollars to broadcast that the guarantee will be 50K, a funny thing will happen, they will get it.

I don't think it hurts to market the fact that the pool size is at least $35,000.

It is a bit of a stretch to say you are guaranteeing something where the pool size is generally if not all the time is higher than the guarantee. If by mentioning $35,000 as a guarantee encourages more betting I am all for it.

On another topic it is unfair that CDN customers cannot bet the same amounts as US customers for certain exotic bets and I am sure there are logistical reasons for doing this but when a US person can bet a $.10 Superfecta or $.50 Triactor, we are certainly at a disadvantage in terms of the dollars required to cover the same number of combinations.

WEG announced a marketing inititive to tell horseplayer's that their Win 4 pool is at $35,000 on Mondays. It is the same thing done by Santa Anita, the Meadowlands etc. and we applaud them!

Sure they are not adding money in, but just by highlighting the pool size, this may help lure bettors from other tracks knowing they can cash a $25,000+ ticket. Why discourage WEG from doing this? This is 100% positive!

Now, there are other initiatives that may draw new bettors, but horseplayers, seriously, why would you be offended by this?

Let's remember, WEG is the only track left in Canada that can promote pool size - don't ask them to hide the fact that you can still win $25,000 for a buck.


01/04 - $36,947
01/11 - $38,590
01/18 - $38,045
01/25 - $41,618
02/01 - $42,313
02/08 - $36,052
02/15 - $42,902
02/22 - $38,700
03/01 - $47,833
03/08 - $40,826

Well, I know MY intelligence feels duly insulted - anybody else's? For crying out loud...

I thought WEG said for years that it was unable to put any money into the pools to have a guarantee payoff ?

I don't get it. The last 2 Monday's the pool was over 40,000. It's the Thursday pool that has been under 35,000!
Also, could Woodbine not publish the on-track handle and off-track portion for harness?
It's available for t-breds...why not for harness?

Thank-you WEG for listening to your customers, but why not experiment with this pool a little more, and lower the takeout to 12%, and see what happens? Oops, sorry I'm dreaming again.

I think that the most popular thing about the pick fours (and the superfectas for that matter) is the fact that it offers .20 cent wagering. Perhaps we should allow that in every pool, including win, place, show, exactor and triactor wagering. Why not let people bet $2.60 to win if they wanted to? We certainly have the technology to do it, and it may allow newcomers a chance to experiment with wagering that otherwise would never take the risk. How about lowering the minimum to near non-existence, and give people a chance to win if they have .20 cents left in their pocket? Similarly, the nickel slots at the casinos are very popular and can generate a very healthy pool.

When $1.00 pick three wagering was introduced, there was one night where I only had a looney left in my pocket, and managed to hit the wager for a sizable return, and I certainly continued to contribute to the churn factor afterwards.

There will be some that will disagree, but then there are some who don't like pick four wagers either. No matter what you do, you will not please everybody, but I think these experiments are well worth trying.

We need to get much more creative than guaranteeing a pool amount that will get there on it's own anyway. Let's get brave and radical, while we have the opportunity.

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