OLG Tentative Agreements With KD, WFD

Published: December 21, 2012 06:52 pm EST

On Friday, December 21, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. announced that it has reached tentative lease agreements with the operators of Kawartha Downs and the Western Fair District for slots operations in the designated gaming areas of the respective raceways.

On Friday, the OLG provided the operators of each raceway with a letter of intent. The OLG has stated that it hopes to have agreements finalized by Thursday, January 31.

Releases by the ORC on the matter stated that the "OLG continues to engage in lease agreement discussions with its other site holders across the province and remains hopeful that a positive outcome to those discussions is near for all facilities."

(With files from the OLG)



I do understand we need tracks in order to keep racing but i sure think if they stopped having slot revenues roll in for a couple months they would sure be in alot stronger position to deal . This government has had a well thought out plan from the very beginning and they knew that it would not be easy but, in my mind it has actually been alot easier then they anticipated and everything is falling into place just my thoughts

please,explain what the lease agreement terms and conditions will be, just to set the record straight ,MR LARRY TENENBAUM is a most righteous soul ,there is no deceit in this man,his family gave 10 million dollars to charity ,,,the BLESSINGS this man receives are because of his relationship with GOD, i encourage the racing industry to support a foundation that is existing , the direction you have chosen is the wrong road, it leads to destruction.