ORC Amends Judging Directive

Published: October 28, 2011 12:55 pm EDT

On Friday, October 28, the Ontario Racing Commission released an amended version of one of its March, 2011 directives, which was in regard to judges


A release by the ORC has stated that the amendment was made to address a minor rule numbering error.

The amendment is to Rule 5.01, pertaining to judges and racing officials.

The rule now reads:

At an extended race meeting, except in the case of emergency, there should be a minimum of two judges employed and appointed by the commission, one of whom shall be designated by the commission as senior judge under whose supervision of the judges shall, collectively, carry out all the duties and responsibilities specified in the rules. All decisions of the judges shall be determined by majority vote. In the cases where there are only two judges officiating, the senior judge or the judge designated as the senior judge by the director, shall have in addition to the regular vote, a casting vote.

To view the amended copy of the directive, click here.