SC Online Stakes Program

Published: January 3, 2012 12:59 pm EST

Standardbred Canada is pleased to announce the addition of stakes which are now available for purchase on the SC Stakes Online payment program.

The stakes which will be available are:

  • Ontario Sires Stakes
  • WEG stakes (Mohawk & Woodbine stakes)
  • Standardbred Alliance Racetrack stakes (Ontario)
  • Maritime stakes (administered by SC)
  • Alberta stakes (administered by SC)
  • Lady Crocus (Manitoba)
  • Prairie Lily (Saskatchewan)
  • Quebec stakes (Lucien Bombardier & Prix d'ete)
  • British Columbia Stake (BC Bred #19, #20, BC Open-K.Linton/P.Bath)

For only $40 per race horse and $20 per yearling (per calendar year), you can add any horse to your 'horse inventory.' This will allow you to view the major Canadian stakes your horse is eligible to be nominated/sustained to along with payment details.

Users may use the above feature as a stand-alone application to assist in making staking decisions while continuing to manually send payments to the stake administrators.

For an affordable eShop fee, users will be able to make stake payments with a credit card directly through the SC website. Payments will be forwarded directly to stake administrators on your behalf. You will not have to worry about getting to the post office on time or paying costly courier services. Pay your Canadian stakes all at once!

Any/all additional fees charged by the credit card company is the sole responsibility of the credit card holder.

Users are raving about SC Online Stakes…

"I found the program easy enough to use and think the idea is brilliant…I don’t have to worry about mailings and whether the date stamp is correct, etc. Just register the horse, look at what stakes they are eligible for (this took me a minute) and pick and pay. Easy, and the second time will be even easier. Closer to the April date I can make payments on other stakes if the filly is considered good enough." Neil Malloch, Alberta

“Your new stake payment program is absolutely awesome…It takes the task of making stakes payments and minimizes that to the simplest form. Furthermore being from Michigan, it is so convenient and simple. The US Postal System was requiring so much information and red tape or I should say brown tape and now all that is gone!...Simply check the box, submit your credit card information and your payment is made…This new program is just another reason we enjoy racing in Canada. The conveniences provided to owners from the Ontario racetracks and Standardbred Canada are second to none.” Scott Edwards, Michigan

“What a breeze!" George Quartarone, Ontario

To start using SC Stakes Online and for further information, click here and select 'Make Stake Payments.'