Classic Pick 5 Wager Returns At Fraser Downs

Starting at Fraser Downs
Published: September 28, 2023 12:00 pm EDT

The current Jackpot Pick 5 at Fraser Downs Racetrack will have a mandatory payout on Friday night, Sept. 29 before a popular horse racing betting dynamic becomes effective Thursday, Oct. 5. 

It will mark the return of the $1 Classic Pick 5 wager with a 100 per cent carryover and a low 15 per cent takeout at Fraser Downs, a concept Dawn Lupul, Manager of Racing & Communications, sees as a huge growth opportunity for the local Standardbred industry. 

“We heard our valued customers loudly and clearly,” said Lupul. “We are going back to a Classic Pick 5 wager with a $1 minimum as requested by the majority of the bettors we surveyed. The change will position Fraser Downs as a competitive and potentially lucrative product for our bettors.” 

With the fall season at Fraser Downs into its third week and continuing to mid-December, the competitive factor of the races has already increased with the introduction of only seven starters at the gate with the eighth starter being in the trailer position.

“Our fan base has welcomed this change,” confirmed Lupul. “We’re confident the $1 Classic Pick 5 will have the same reaction. Combined with our new simulcast broadcast in High Definition that includes a modernized graphics package, there is an upbeat atmosphere at Fraser Downs.”

Post times on Thursday nights for the fall meet are 7 p.m. with Friday nights going at 6 p.m. then moving to 7 p.m. on Oct. 27 through the remainder of the 2023 schedule. 

(BC Racebook)