Allard Facing One-Month Suspension

Published: August 26, 2011 01:38 pm EDT

On Friday, August 26, Trot Insider spoke with Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission Director of Racing Paul Hogan in regard to the full suspension which was recently handed down to Simon Allard


On Saturday, August 20, which was Gold Cup & Saucer Night at Red Shores' Charlottetown Driving Park, Allard was found in violation of MPHRC Rule No. 8, 358-4, 356-3-4, 353, 67-6-11B.

As result of the violations, the MPHRC handed the driver a one-month full suspension, which is effective Thursday, September 1 and will run until Friday, September 30.

Hogan told Trot Insider that he was not at liberty to discuss the Allard situation at this time, as the driver did file a Notice of Intent to Appeal on Friday, August 26.

Hogan did explain that the Notice of Intent to Appeal gives Allard an eight-day period to file an official appeal.

Allard, who recently relocated to New Jersey to drive at the Meadowlands Racetrack on a full-time basis, has recorded 179 wins, 160 second-place finishes and 151 thirds from 1,202 starts this season, good for a UDR of .264.

So far this season, he has driven his mounts to over $2.1 million in purse earnings.



I checked the running line of the Aug.20 race at PEI, and could find nothing. Perhaps it all happened after the race.

JC, Regardless of whether or not the appeals process was in place, Allard would have been able to drive at Georgian Downs on Saturday. The suspension is not scheduled to begin until this coming Thursday September 1.

For those of us that do not have our maritime rule book handy - the rules state as follows;

Rule 8. If any case occurs which is not or which is alleged not to be provided for by these rules, it shall be determined by the Judges or the Commission as the case may be, in such manner as they think is in the best interests of racing.

Rule 358. The following violations shall make licencees liable to a Type II Offense:
(4) be involved in fighting and/or assaulting Commission licencees, officials, members of the Commission and members of the public;

Rule 356. The judges may impose any or all of the following penalties for conduct detrimental to the best interests of racing, or for violation of the rules:
(3) impose a fine or a suspension or both; or
(4) impose conditions on a licence.

Rule 353. No licencee shall:
(1) commit assault or battery against any person;
(2) threaten to do bodily injury to any participant;
(3) use insulting, offensive or improper language to any official or licencee;

Rule 67. The Judges have the following duties and responsibilities:
(6) The Judges have authority to charge any licencee for a violation of these Rules, to conduct Hearings and to impose disciplinary action in accordance with the Commission Rules.
(7) The Judges may compel the attendance of witnesses and the submission of documents or potential evidence related to any investigation or hearing.
(8) The Judges may, where they deem necessary, inspect licence documents, registration papers, including lease and other documents related to horse racing.
(9) The Judges have the power to administer Oaths and to examine, under Oath, all parties connected with a race as to any wrong or complaint. Any person required to appear before the Judges for a hearing or examination who shall fail to appear, without just cause or reasonable excuse, after due notice, written or oral, shall be subject to a fine of not less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).
(10) The Judges shall submit a written report of every inquiry and hearing to the Director of Racing.
(11) The Judges may impose, but are not limited to, any of the following sanctions, or a combination thereof, upon a licencee for a violation of these Rules:
(a) Forfeiture or re-distribution of Purse or Award;
(b) Suspend licence or racing privileges;

What did he do??

In light of the fact that Allard has yet to have a hearing for this suspension, comments on this story pertaining to the particulars of the suspension will not be published. Jim's comment on the timing and expediting the process shouldn't have any bearing on the hearing.

Like baseball, horse racing needs to fix this appeal allows players, and horsemen a chance to pick the 'convenient time' to begin the sit out and on occasion throw up an appeal, that many times is a flimsy one at best, best suited to an upcoming down period for the horseman in question.

On the eve of the Extreme Card at Georgian for example, Simon Allard gets the chance to cash in alot of these Aug 27 races and their bloated purses,,,and he has plenty of firepower scheduled to run to do just that.

Again, just seems odd, especially in light of what reports say was 30 days handed down for 'actions prejudicial to racing'.....needless to say, thats never a very good term and by the look of that race line at Charlottetown Aug 20, it was an unforgiving trip for both horseman and horse alike.

***if the suspension indeed does kick in sept 1,,,,should percentage of all monies won during appeal process be returned?? just asking