Ont. Auditor General Reps In Sarnia

Published: August 20, 2013 12:57 pm EDT

It has been reported that members of the Ontario Auditor General's office are in Sarnia today as part of the probe into the provincial government's decision to remove slot machines from various raceways and the ultimate termination of the Slots at Racetracks program.

A brief report by blackburnnews.com explains that three representatives from the Ontario Auditor General's office are supposed to be in Sarnia today probing the decision. Sarnia's Hiawatha Horse Park was one of the racetracks which saw the slot machines it housed for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. removed.

"They've been (the Ontario Auditor General's office has been) authorized by the Legislature… to investigate how the slots were closed (and) how the horse-racing industry was treated," Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said in the report.

"I looked at their mandate yesterday on this question and I understand why they are talking to us. They want to know if there was any consultation; they want to know the impacts on the community by the decisions."

(With files from blackburnnews.com)



Investigation way past due; everyone knows the slot removal at the three specified tracks was to bolster the losses at the three Government owned casino's. I am by no means an ally of the Windsor Raceway ownership but who in their right minds would cause the demise of a racetrack that had the second highest handle of all the tracks in Ontario. Everyone knows the three instigators of the plan and see where they are to-day. They too need to be investigated instead of sitting back drawing a lucrative pension on the backs of the taxpayers.