Dan Patch To Wiggle It Jiggleit

Published: August 12, 2016 10:39 pm EDT

Montrell Teague mapped out a beautiful trip for Wiggle It Jiggleit in Friday’s $325,000 Dan Patch at Hoosier Park, and the superstar gelding didn’t let it go to waste.

The pedal was to the metal for Wiggle It Jiggleit when the starting gate sped away, and Teague sliced out the opening quarter with his charge in :27. Slight favourite Always B Miki, who got fourth from Post 8, revved up his engine and quickly surged to the front on the way the to half. Always B Miki put up the half-mile clocking of :54.4, and he came under heavy pressure from Freaky Feet Pete on the way to the three-quarter pole in 1:22.4.

Teague, all the while, continued to bid his time in the pocket spot with Wiggle It Jiggleit. Always B Mike started to drift out down the lane, and that allowed Teague to charge up the pylons late and notch the win with Wiggle It Jiggleit in 1:49.1. Always B Miki was next best, with All Bets Off and Shamballa dead-heating for the show position.

“Wiggle It is a very intelligent horse and we’ve trained out here and a couple other places so he’s used to it,” said driver Montrell Teague. “It was a definitely a hard trip, but we got the job done.”

“He is maturing and growing up,” said owner George Teague. “He is really starting to come along. We used to have walk him around and around just to keep him settled down. Now he is more relaxed and takes things as they come. He’s always been an intelligent horse, but the older he gets the more he has calmed down. He’s even better in the winner’s circle now and as long as you keep him checked up, like we did tonight, we even get some pictures of him. This kind of maturity will only improve him.”

Clyde Francis trains the four-year-old son of Mr Wiggles-Mozzi Hanover for George Teague Jr Inc of Harrington, DE and Teague Racing Partnership LLC of Boynton Beach, FL. The win was the 11th of the season and the 34th to date for the career winner of $3,273,407.



I love this horse. Look guys this is simple... Wiggle It Jiggleit races every time the box is open... He is the heavy weight.. It's clear.. The team never makes an excuse when he gets beat... First of the season all I heard was he can't leave.. Then these fresh two horses take a trip or two and win. Put them in the box with him every week, the results will be Wiggle It Jiggleit he is just to tough for any other horse to face week in week out. Enjoy the races

Mentioned in the same class as Somebeachsomewhere and Niatross???

The only reason I spouted Miki as the best was to stop the WIJI fans from chirping he was the best of all time... real annoying.
Miki winning stopped them for awhile.
Miki has been off for a few weeks. His trainer said he might be short at this junction because just like "WE" all said... It's a long season. Wiji is tops in the polls right now and deservedly so. It's a long season.... Miki should be razor sharp in his next start assuming its not another 3 week gap.
This makes for a great season like we haven't had in years.
It all comes down to The Breeders Crown. Best of luck.

That was the old 'postcard' trip -
Had a wonderful trip, wish you were here .............

Mr.Dean, the only problem with that theory is WIJI has lost far to many races to be mentioned in the same breath as niatross or SBSW. WIJI has raced always b miki 4 times, each have finished ahead of the other one twice. However Always b miki has won 2 of these races where WIJI has only won 1 of them with Shambella winning the other. So they have faced each other 4 times and WIJI has won only once. Hardly the stuff of a harness racing legend.

WIJI will be untouchable for the rest of the year. His grinding style has earned the right to be in the same class as Somebeachsomewhere and Niatross

Great race. Hoosier Park really takes care of the fans of both racing and the slot machines. Nice to see a track that still puts the fans and the horse racing out there. Plus we saw the best pacers in the world. Wiggle It Jiggleit and his driver gave a phenomenal performance. Well done!

The year end awards are still up for grabs. Day in and day out I think this horse is still the best. And one of the best ever. Miki cant hold up to the grind like WIJI, Pete a nice horse but not the same.

I love this horse, whoever said Always B Miki was the best, end of story !!! Lol .. It's a good thing everybody didn't pack up and go home .. Lots of racing here yet to do before this year is settled out !

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