Down Under Investigation Widening

Published: August 11, 2011 02:15 pm EDT

Harness Racing New South Wales Chairman Graeme Campbell has gone on the record as saying that his organization will be touching base with all wagering outlets in regard to the widening probe which initially began six months ago due to 'misconduct' of HRNSW officials


As soon as the internal probe began, a pair of the organization's stewards, Matthew Bentley and Paul O'Toole, tendered their resignations. In what may prove to be just a coincidence, local authorities are also conducting another investigation into the firebombing of the car of HRNSW Chief Steward Bill Cable, which was set ablaze while it was parked in the driveway of his family home.

In regard to the probing of the wagering outlets, a report by The Daily Telegraph has quoted Campbell as saying, "As part of the investigation, inquiries will be made of all betting agencies."

The article also cites Australian Harness Racing rules which allow HRNSW to demand financial records of all registered participants, which includes direct racing participants and those who handle wagering outfits. The rule, in some cases, can also include horse owners.

The report also cited HRNSW Chief Executive Sam Nati as saying that the names of individuals which have been asked to hand over records might be publicly released, although, "that does not necessarily mean they are guilty of any crime."

Nati said that, "People have to understand that it is an ongoing investigation and nobody has yet been charged."

(With files from The Daily Telegraph)

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