Trainer's Telephone Records Requested

Published: August 10, 2011 12:35 pm EDT

According to a report, racing officials have requested the telephone records of at least one Down Under trainer. The request is linked to an investigation into stewards with Harness Racing New South Wales


On August 8, Harness Racing NSW stewards Matthew Bentley and Paul O'Toole tendered their resignations amid an internal investigation into misconduct.

Driver-trainer Mitchell Reese has confirmed to The Sydney Morning Herald that he received a letter requesting his phone records. The article cites Reese as saying that he is co-operating in full, offering, ''I have nothing to hide,'' and that, ''If they want my phone records they can have them.''

The report states that the phone-log request is in regard to alleged swabbing irregularities, and that Harness Racing NSW's investigation into its stewards is widening, after having already been active for six months.

Harness Racing NSW Chief Executive Sam Nati has tackled the issue publicly and head-on.

''This investigation is ugly and there will be fallout," the report quoted Nati as saying. "However, there is no stone being left unturned. As sad and angry as everybody is right now, this should give participants the confidence that Harness Racing NSW is doing everything in its power to ensure a level playing field.''

In more news regarding Down Under stewards, the automobile of 62-year-old Harness Racing NSW Chief Steward Bill Cable was fire-bombed in his driveway this past Friday, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

The article explains that Cable was home with his wife and one of his daughters when the incident occurred. There is no proof that the incident is related to the racing industry, but Cable did comment on the situation.

"I would be inhuman if I wasn't rattled by what occurred," Cable was quoted as saying in the report. He also said, "every steward in every code has the capacity to make decisions that will affect people's lives, and ultimately those people could take the matter further."

Cable added, "No code is exempt, and I don't think harness racing in NSW is any more prone to having something happen than any other state."

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Correct "irregularities" in Harness Racing are not limited to this jurisdiction. Sadly full disclosure in Canada and North America regarding "irregularities" has not been fothcoming regarding incidents such as the suspensions of Brad Forward et all and the "investigation of 25 other drivers"!

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