Kennedy On Atlantic Grand Circuit Week

Published: July 28, 2014 04:24 pm EDT

Atlantic Grand Circuit Week is now in the books, and Bruce Kennedy of the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition has said that the event was successful.

“I think they had an exceptionally good week,” Kennedy was quoted as saying in an article by the Truro Daily News. “There was a good bet on Saturday – almost double a normal day – and I was told it was fairly steady (Sunday), so betting wise, there was an above average expectation.”

He also said that Mother Nature played nice, which helped things out quite a bit. “The weather cooperated fully and that makes a big difference,” Kennedy stated.

Kennedy was quick to credit and praise this year’s Atlantic Grand Circuit Week organizing committee and the event’s sponsors.

“They’ve worked a long time on this and when you’ve got that kind of commitment, it generates more energy, which makes for a good event,” Kennedy said, later adding, “When you’ve got companies and people that stand behind you, that makes it really great. The week’s enthusiasm was high and it was what people expected it to be.”

(With files from the Truro Daily News)