Wynne On Ottawa Casino Situation

Published: July 22, 2013 01:59 pm EDT

On Friday, July 19, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne commented on the gaming zone situation which is currently going on in the Ottawa area.

On Wednesday, July 17, Ottawa City Council unanimously voted in favour of a new motion introduced by Councillors Tim Tierney and Mark Taylor. The motion calls for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to create two separate gaming zones in the Ottawa area, one for the Rideau Carleton Raceway and another located elsewhere. The motion will now be discussed in August during meetings of the city's finance and economic development committee.

Premier Wynne stated that the issue, if it ultimately passes City Council, is between the OLG and the City.

“My position is that the city needs to have a conversation with the OLG about commercial viability,” Wynne was quoted as saying in an article by metronews.ca.

Wynne went on to later say, “In terms of zoning and all those issues, those are issues that need to be decided when there’s an actual proposal and its been decided.”

(With files from metronews.ca)



Council Votes for 2 gaming zones....Strike One
The Premier's comments.....Strike Two

This is similar to what took place in Toronto and we all know how that ended!!