Maritime MLAs Voice Ferry Concerns

Published: July 20, 2016 02:24 pm EDT

A pair of MLAs – one from Prince Edward Island and the other from Nova Scotia – have voiced concerns about how delays with ferry services are negatively affecting horsepeople that are involved in the harness racing industry.

An article by The Guardian explains that P.E.I. MLA Darlene Compton and Nova Scotia MLA Karla MacFarlane voiced their concerns on Tuesday (July 19).

MacFarlane was cited as saying that the ferry service is subsidized by the federal government, and she’s ‘not hearing solutions’ from them. One of the ferries, the MV Holiday Island, has been docked all summer due to repairs, and the ferry service has been negatively affected due to it.

“I have also heard from truckers and how much it is affecting their livelihood. If you’re sitting on the wharf from eight in the morning until 4:30 p.m. you’re not making any money,” Compton was quoted as saying. “(It’s hurting) the harness racing industry (in terms of) going to stake races. It’s a huge impact for them, too.’’

“We’ve looked at various scenarios in terms of a replacement (boat). None have panned out to date,” Northumberland Ferries Ltd. VP of Operations Don Cormier was quoted as saying. “Transport Canada and ourselves continue exploring that. We aren’t putting a definitive date on the return of the Holiday Island because it’s still a dynamic situation.”

(With files from The Guardian)

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