T.O. Council Passes E-Bingo Measure

Published: July 19, 2013 01:04 pm EDT

On Thursday, July 18, Toronto City Council voted 35-6 in favour of allowing bingo halls to offer electronic bingo. It has been reported that the measure was passed even though the city 'will likely' see a $70,000 loss in annual revenue from the move.

The news comes courtesy of a report by The Globe and Mail. The article explains that Council also passed an amendment which includes language that states that slot machines would not be able to be introduced at the bingo facilities.

Citing a city staff report on the issue, The Globe article states that 'the city will likely see $70,000 in annual revenue loss because it would lose its $165 per event licensing fee in exchange for three per cent of the adjusted net winnings.'

(With files from The Globe and Mail)

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