Proposal For Sandown Park Land Discussed

Published: June 24, 2011 12:17 pm EDT

The future of the land which is home to Sandown Park was in discussion last night in North Saanich. A proposal which suggests separating the property into differently-zoned plots is apparently gaining steam among those in the area


A report by the Times Colonist explains that the meeting was the first of several regarding what to do with the 38.3-hectare land. The proposal would reportedly see the municipality take over much of the land and use it for agriculture in return for rezoning a smaller area for commercial use.

The land is owned by the Randall Family, who, according to the report, approached the municipality in 2010 and asked if it had any idea in regard to what to do with the land.

The article states that roughly 100 people were at the Thursday meeting and that most appeared to be in support of the proposal, although there were people that raised concerns of the lack of a business plan.

(With files from the Times Colonist)

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