Sandown Track To Be Demolished?

Published: May 30, 2011 10:53 am EDT

According to a report, the dormant racetrack at BC's Sandown Park may be razed if a land swap and rezoning plan comes to fruition


An article by the Times Colonist has stated that the raceway could become active farmland if a deal between racetrack owners and the municipality of North Saanich is approved.

"Since I was elected, I think the topic that has had the most questions from residents is what will happen with the Sandown land," North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall was quoted as saying.

"It's a very large piece of agricultural land, in the heart of this community and it isn't good for the community to just have it sitting there. The uncertainty about the property is a serious issue and has been a very serious issue for this council."

The Sandown Park property is owned by the Randall family and was leased by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation until this past February/

(With files from the Times Colonist)



Thank you David for taking a moment to speak about Sandown. The years you were in charge showed how with proper management and promotion what Sandown was about great family fun. Horseman supported Sandown then, and will now given the chance! Victoria has had horse racing, from Beacon Hill race track in 1858, Colwood, The Willows in Oak Bay, and Sandown starting in 1958. Hopefully people in the industry and the community will speak loud and clear to the mayor, to keep Sandown.

The demolition of the Sandown Racetrack on Vancouver Island would be truly another sad chapter for racing in British Columbia. As a harness racing track, Sandown Park with its old oak tree had all the atmosphere and fun that is missing from most of the modern day racing facilities. In 2006,2007and 2008, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to breathe new life into the track and it was alive and well for the summer meets with big crowds, great racing and most of all fun and entertainment. I know all the BC horsepeople loved their days on the island and it just needs a little bit of ongoing TLC and lots of good management to remain in business. It can be saved, save it, for if it is lost and redeveloped and zoned for other purposes, racing loses yet another venue and there will never be another racetrack built on the island. - David Aldred

Shame to see the Sandown racetrack torn down. Had the pleasure of going there to both watch the live summer meet, and for simulcasting. Had a real down home country flavor that made the bettors feel right at home. Also had an excellent buffet/dining room upstairs. Sad to see it go by the way side.