Update On Drivers Injured In Scioto Accident

Scioto Downs
Published: June 17, 2024 01:00 pm EDT

Scioto Downs has shared updates on the drivers involved in the accident that occurred in the 13th race on Saturday, June 15.

GD Western Joe and Chris Page were sitting third going to the quarter when the horse went down suddenly, causing a chain reaction behind them. Drivers Tony Hall, Sam Widger and Jeremy Smith were right behind the fallen horse, and each were taken to local hospitals.

Hall suffered multiple fractures to his left hip socket, requiring surgical repair. Hall's partner, Anette Lorentzon, shared an update via social media on Sunday indicating his surgery went well.

Widger sustained a wrist injury and will require surgery once the swelling reduces. 

Smith was released from the hospital and back home resting.

Scioto Downs reported on Saturday that the other drivers and all the horses in the 10-horse field walked off the track under their own power. The 13th race was declared a No Contest and the remaining three races on the card were cancelled.

Please join Standardbred Canada in wishing all drivers involved a full and speedy recovery.

(With files from Scioto Downs)

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