Justice To Be Charged Over Positive

Published: June 15, 2011 02:17 pm EDT

According to a report, Lance Justice, the trainer/driver of the 2011 Inter Dominion champion Smoken Up, has been charged by New Zealand’s racing integrity unit

in regard to the horse's post-race race positive test from the $800,000 championship at Alexandra Park.

A post-race swab came up positive for an illegal anti-inflammatory substance called dimethyl sulfoxide -- more commonly known as DMSO. The split sample of the Smoken Up's post-race swab also came back positive.

Justice, a highly-regarded conditioner, previously went on the record as saying that he will "quit the sport" if Smoken Up's is disqualified due to the swab.

According to a report by the Herald Sun, the case is now referred to NZ’s Judicial Control Authority, but no date has been set for a hearing.

Justice was previously quoted as saying that he was devastated with the positive result, and that, "There's no way this horse has ever been treated with DMSO. He hasn't been within 100 yards of being treated with it."

(With files from the Herald Sun)

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