SC Rewind: O.S.S. Picture Parade

SC Rewind - OSS Picture Parade
Published: May 20, 2023 01:45 pm EDT

This week's Rewind is another monthly edition of 'Picture Parade'.  The theme of this offering is intended to coincide with not only the start up of the 2023 Ontario Sires Stakes season which begins this weekend, but also to recognize the 50th year of the program's existence.  Each of this week's pictures remembers a past competitor in the now famous and highly successful program.  If you choose to do so please send in your answers.  Included in today's Rewind is a Trivia Question that relates to O.S.S. history.  

A few of the pictures are from the earlier years dating back to 1974 the year it all started.  Most captions will be exactly the same. 

Picture Parade

#1 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#2 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#3 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#4 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#5 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#6 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#7 - Who is the trainer in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#8 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#9 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Picture Parade

#10 - Who is the driver in this photo? 

Quote For The Week: " Don't taunt the alligator until after you've crossed the creek " - Dan Rather 

Bonus Picture

Picture Parade

Can you identify the driver of this horse? This colt was part of the 1974 season and was a successful competitor in several events placing third in money earnings for three-year-old trotters.  Can you name this fellow and maybe even the horse?

O.S.S. Trivia Question: As we begin the 50th year of the Ontario Sires Stakes program I am going to pose a question that hopefully someone ( r more than one person) in the reading audience can help find an answer.  Can you tell us if anyone has been involved in each and every year the series has been held.  This would mean from the 1974 season and with plans to be involved in the 2023 season.  This can include anyone with direct involvement such as an owner, trainer, driver, caretaker, blacksmith, judge,  etc.

Note: I do not have an answer for this as I am not at all certain that anyone has been involved all 50 years.



This week's Picture Parade correct answers are listed below :
# 1 - Robert Walker - I think with N V Worthy?
# 2 - Jim Rankin
# 3 - George Zirnis
# 4 - Gord Waples
# 5 - Jim Whelan
# 6 - Wm. Wellwood
# 7 - Robert McIntosh, trainer extrordinaire and winner of eight Lampman Cups
# 8 - Carman Hie
# 9 - Doug Arthur
# 10 - Bill Carroll
Bonus photo was Wayne Langille driving Ralph The Rover. Don Corbett is in the background.

OSS Trivia - There were some interesting comments based on the great knowledge and memories of the readers who so kindly send in their answers. I am going to concur with the three suggestions - Dr. Roly Armitage, Bill Megens and Bob McIntosh as all being involved throughout most if not all of the past 50 years of OSS competition. All good solid possibilities. Thanks to everyone who sends in their answers, it makes it a lot more interesting.

#1 Robert Walker
#2 Jimmy Rankin
#3 the honorable George Ernest
#4 Gordie waples
#5 Jim whalen ...Larry walker in in behind
#6 joe obrien or bill wellwood
#7 robbery macintosh
#8 Carmen high
#9 Doug arthur
#10 bill carroll

1. Paul Walker
2. Jim Rankin
3. George Zirnis
4. Gord Waples
5. Jim Whelan
6. Kelly Sheppard
7. Bob McIntosh
8. Carmen Hie
9. Doug Arthur
10. *Bill Carroll*
Bonus. Bill Stirton

#1 Bob Walker
#3 George Zirnis
#4 Gordie Waples
#5 Jim Whalen
#6 Tom Artandi
#7 Bob MacIntosh
#8 Carmen Hie
#9 Doug Arthur
#10 Bill Carroll
Bonus Picture Wayne Langille

1 ...Bob or Paul Walker
2 ...Jim Rankin
3 ...George Zirnis
4 ...Gord Waples
5 ...Jim Whelan
6 ... Bill Wellwood
7...Bob McIntosh
8 ...Carmen Hie
9 ...Doug Arthur
10..Bill Carroll
Bonus Picture ..Wayne Langille

As for anyone involved in the Ontario Sires Stakes for the last 50 years my guess would be Dr. Roly Armitage as a breeder, owner , trainer, veterinarian , administrator . Roly raced Armstead Cole last year and along with his son Donnie has a couple of young trotters training again this year to compete . Roly just turned 98 !! The other could be Bob McIntosh as a young groom and then as an owner , breeder , trainer of too many Ontario Sires champion horse to mention . I'm sure there are others but those two come to mind immediately .

Robert , thanks for all your hard work , dedication and research to keep the history of harness horse racing alive and poignant . Perhaps most important of all , to share it with the general public . You, sir , are an assiduous asset to harness horse racing .....BRAVO !!

1) Bob Walker and Nadir's Pride
2). Ross Rosselle?
3) George Zirnis
4) Gordie Waples
5Jim Whelan
7) Bob Macintosh
8) Carmen Hie
9)Doug Arthur and Mystery Skipper
10) Bill Carroll?

Bonus...Bill Wellwood

On OSS trivia. Just of the top of my head,Snegem Flight was I year one. And with Bill Megens still active I would place him as the best bet for someone who could have participated in all 50 years

1. Bob Walker, Cajala 2. Jim Rankin, Happy Lady 3. George Zirnis, Bud Fritz 4. Gordy Waples 5. Jim Whalen, Larry Walker 6. Bill Wellwood 7. Bob McIntosh 8. Carm Hie , Idylwood Surge? 9. Doug Arthur, Mystery Skipper 10. Bill Carroll. Bonus Wayne Langille, Don Corbett. Funny Robert I can't think of any at this time, but have a feeling many of them are out there. Thanks again!