Somebeachsomewhere-Bunny Lake Foal Arrives

Published: May 11, 2010 04:10 pm EDT

It can be argued that Somebeachsomewhere and Bunny Lake are the best male and female pacers of all time, respectively. They both cultivated big followings, with fans tuning in virtually every time they stepped on the track for battle

. The two are now celebrating the birth of a foal, which occurred this past weekend.

According to Hanover Shoe Farms, the duo's offspring, a yet-to-be-named bay filly, hit the ground Saturday, May 8 at the Pennsylvania nursery.

From 93 career starts, the multiple stakes-winning Bunny Lake compiled a record of 47-20-14 and over $3 million in purses. The multiple award winner took her mark of 1:49 over Woodbine Racetrack at the age of six.

From 21 career starts, the multiple stakes-winning and World Record holder Somebeachsomewhere won 20 races, as he tasted defeat only once in what would go down as one of the most memorable harness races of all time, the 2008 Meadowlands Pace. He retired to the breeding shed with over $3.3 million in earnings and a mark of 1:46.4.



I can see this little filly is going to follow in her mom and dad's foot steps CHAMP!!!! A good name for her would be " SomeLakeSomewhere"

hey i have a great name for a great looking filly,

what about : beach bunny party

Nice looking filly and royally bred . It will be interesting to see how this filly does. I would be nice to see her do her parents proud. I like either Beach Bunny Hanover or Hanover Beach Bunny . Maybe Somebunnysomewhere, i hope her and her owners do well.

she is a nice looking filly the name that i think would fit her would be beachbunnysomewhere hanover.

My suggestion for this cute little filly is: Beachbun Hanover or Beachbunny Hanover

Hey Sonny, that was the name that I suggested to Hanover Shoe Farms this afternoon without knowing that you had posted it. My post came up on here quite a while after I sent it in and I meant to put it on the SC post as well. We are on the same track. I think it is going to be the likely suggestion for this filly.

A very long legged filly. Very sweet looking too.

A cute name for her is Somebunnytoluv Hanover. Or BeachBaby Hanover

Janelle Scherbik

Brian came up with the perfect name for this filly
as per their guidelines and I hope they go with it ....

"Beachbunny Hanover"

From the website as per their guidlines:

The 2nd Name of the Foal must be HANOVER

• Name may only be 18 characters long including spaces and punctuation

• Name must start with the same letter as the first letter in the Mare Name

• You may not use a name that has previously been used

Lynn is exactly correct in her comment. The Hanover Shoe Farm website actually sets out all the guidlines on naming of their foals.

quel belle pouliche j`aime bien comme nom : Bunnysomebeach !!!

Boy, hire a night watchman. How about Beach Bunny? Simple eh. All The Best for Her.

Don't the Hanover Shoe babies' names have to begin with the first letter of the dam's name and have Hanover in them?
Lovely looking filly. Congrats to everyone connected.

It's not every day that we get to see a foal this well bred. "Beachbunny Hanover" sounds like a perfect name to me.

Go girl!

Brian Hancox

Oh my what a cute baby girl.
Can't wait to find out her name -- Some Bunny or Bunny Beach!!!
Wishing her all the best, will be looking forward to watching you race.

Marie Stoyles-Moura

In reply to by Marie

Oh what a cute baby girl...

qu`est- ce que vous pensez comme nom de : Somehanoverbeachbunny ou Bunnysomebeach !!!
bonne chance pour son future....

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