GCG Suspends Simulcasting At Georgian

Published: April 2, 2013 02:07 pm EDT

It has been reported that the Great Canadian Gaming Corp. has 'tentatively' shut down the simulcasting area at Georgian Downs effective April 1 until live racing at the Innisfil, Ont. track returns.

The news comes courtesy of The Innisfil Journal, which has also quoted GCG VP Howard Blank in regard to the tentative transitional funding deal Great Canadian has reached with the Ontario Liberal Government.

Blank wasn't quoted directly in regard to the closing of Georgian's simulcasting, but he was cited as saying that he is anticipating the closure to be 'short term.'

The report also points out the fact that there will not be live racing at Georgian until this May, at the earliest.

Blank was also cited as saying that seven workers at Georgian have been let go and 15 have been laid off due to the simulcasting decision.

(With files from The Innisfil Journal)



Apparently they aren't interested in leasing the simulcasting facility either, and saving these jobs, as I contacted them a week ago and have got no response.

Moving forward, purse money is supposed to come from handle... correct? Well how can they be allowed to stop simulcasting then! That is completely working against what the panel has said. They're supposed to be helping us find new ways to drive handle... how can this be done by suspending simulcasting! This can only cause handle to shrink.

To this horse owner the loss of any jobs in this financial downturn in the economy are just as much of a tragedy! These job losses are just as important as our own! We are seeing an endless devastation continuing unabated! Somebody in authority has to stop the bleeding, but again I won*t hold my breath!