Ninety-Year-Old Shear Now At Home

Published: April 18, 2011 01:11 pm EDT

Ninety-year-old Santa Anita Park paddock guard John Shear, hospitalized since March 12 after having thrown himself in the path of a loose thoroughbred in order to protect a six-year-old girl, was released from hospital this past weekend


According to a report by the Daily Racing Form, Shear arrived home on Saturday, April 16. His son, Mike, has stated that the former jockey is making steady progress and that he is aiming to be back at work at the track in the fall, but only after going to Las Vegas for a summer trip, of course.

“He’ll be doing in-home physical therapy for three weeks," Mike was quoted as saying in the DRF report. "There is a place he wants to go to outside [of home] another three or four weeks [of therapy]. The first prognosis was the doctor said he be able to fully walk in eight to 10 weeks. I think it will be sooner than that.”

(With files from the Daily Racing Form)

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Truly a remarkable story! What an amazing thing that Mr.Shear did in the interest of protecting (saving?) the little girl.

I am so pleased to read that he is doing reasonably well & recovering nicely.Enjoy your trip to Vegas!