Harness Racing TV Show Teaser To Air Exclusively On SC Website

Published: March 9, 2011 10:57 am EST

The principals behind the project to create a harness racing television show will give fans their first glimpse of the pilot next week

. Standardbred Canada's website will air the world premiere early next week.

"Welcome to my world and get ready for the ride of your life," said driver Randy Waples, who is creating the show along with horse owner Allan Pootoolal. "We want to bring the thrills and chills of harness racing into the living rooms of the general public and at the same time show that harness racing is indeed entertainment."

"Having spent my whole life in and around the sport of harness racing I know all about the behind the scenes entertainment that the average fan doesn't get to see - until now," continued the 2010 O'Brien Award winning driver of the year. "I hope that this show can take the fans of harness racing on a journey that they won't soon forget."

The majority of the footage was shot at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ont.

"It's a brand new experience with some angles I did not know existed in our sport," stated Pootoolal. "At first many people around the paddock were a little shy, but after the first shoot all were motivated. The drivers' room footage is priceless and we even got into the judges' world for a birds' eye view of their daily operations."

Operating under Obya Entertainment Group, Pootoolal and Waples encourage anyone who would like to participate or have an interesting story line to let them know by emailing [email protected].

Pootoolal would like to thank Woodbine Entertainment Group, who were very supportive and helpful during the filming process, and Standardbred Canada for their continued support of the project.



Congratulations guys. We have successfully been producing and presenting our harness racing television show "Mobile Rolling" on the Australia Live TV and Mobilerolling.com websites in Australia for some time now. We need more harness racing coverage worldwide and this is real positive news for the industry. Good to see that you are promoting on the show on the SC website. Look forward to swapping stories down the track. - David Aldred

I hope this show will also become available on DVD. It would become a very good promotional tool. We need to promote our industry from within and this project is a great start. Good luck to everyone associated with this effort.

Congrats Randy, incredible idea, wishing all the very best of luck, looking forward to it!!!
When/where are we going to be able to watch it??

this will be a great way to connect with new fans and attract new interest which is so important to keep the sport going!

I like that Randy Waples is giving back a part of what he received from
the business that gave him a good life.

I like what Randy says when interwied. He is very positive and respectfull
of the public which is our bread and butter.

Bravo Randy.

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Sonny Jewitt
Good luck to all that are associated with this new show. There is some great stories out there within this industry and it is nice to see somebody step up to the plate and try to make a difference. And i also think that the industry should be scared that we could loose Randy to Mr Sheen show he would be perfect for that part. To the people that are trying to get this up and running i applaud you. Thanks

Good luck

Good Luck Randy. Looking forward to seeing first episode.
I hear Charlie Sheen is looking for work (if you need him)
Doug Mc

Will this show be available to view online when it eventually airs? Best of luck to everybody involved.

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