Peterborough, Woolwich Make Gaming-Related Decisions

Published: March 6, 2013 12:19 pm EST

On Tuesday, March 5, both the Council of Woolwich Township and Peterborough City Council voted regarding the future of gaming in their respective jurisdictions.

As a report by explains, Woolwich Township Council voted 4-1 in favour of declaring itself a willing host municipality under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.'s gaming modernization plan.

As the article explains, 11 per cent of the Township's eligible voters had previously been polled on the matter of casino expansion during a recent public feedback process, and 62 per cent of respondents were not in favour of casino expansion within the Township's borders.

Mark Bauman was the only Councillor to vote against the Township making its available for casino expansion. “Part of consultation is listening and I don’t think we’ve listened,” he was quoted as saying.

In Peterborough, as explained in an article by The Peterborough Examiner, City Council debated the topic of a location for casino gaming for five hours.

Peterborough Council decided that it would back three locations for casino expansion in the area, and Cavan Monaghan Township, which is home to Kawartha Downs, was not one of them.

Resident Hans Vink, who was one of many individuals representing the anti-casino side Tuesday night in Peterborough, said “It appears that governments have gleaming dollar signs in their eyes that blanks out all of the reality beyond their nose.... The OLG has created a modern religion of greed.”

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I was at the Peterborough casino meeting last night. The three suits form OLG made their presentation to Peterborough council. They asked if there were any questions. To my surprise and many others at the meeting Peterborough council did not ask ONE question to OLG. The three suits got up and left by 9pm. Just before the many others opposed to a casino would get up a speak. I knew this before but KAWARTHA DOWNS is done.

Wynne is simply upholding the Dwight Dalton gang members agenda with the overseeing of Godfrey & Tananbuam - the RCMP must be scared of this gang of outlaws, as well the OPP won't rock their payroll boat after all this is just an agricultural issue and they will get up no matter how much we pound them down. Wake up we need the NDP & PC's to get together and end this government. Every aspect that is up for review spells crooked greedy thieves, busing, jails, hospitals,energy,helicopters,large severances for quiting rather than be defeated,Liberals do not want us to question their lies or back room deals and yes they have much more than enough of our money to survive several elections so they will rely on our short memories for a comeback with false promises.

The most incredible example of the hypocrisy of politicians must exist in Woolwich. When they thought Elmira Raceway would house slot machines they chased the track out of town. Now years later they are willing host to a new full fledged casino. With this sort of disingenuous attitude things do not appear to bode well for horse racing in the small communities of Ontario.

In reply to by Blair Burgess

What happened to Woolwich is that they can now see how beneficial it was to \have Grand River raceway making money for the municipality so now they want a piece of the action. I hope they get what they deserve from this.

What happened to the "pause pending a review of the OLG modernization plan"? This is just another classic example of the betrayal of Wynne and this current Liberal gov't against the horse racing industry. It is quite evident that the US casinos have lined the pockets of the Liberal Party of Ontario who now will have more than adequate funding to campaign in the upcoming election. This is the epitomy of greed and corruption and Wynne is right in the middle of it. Time to call in the RCMP for an in depth investigation!!