Idaho Track To Close If Repeal Passes

Published: March 24, 2015 02:40 pm EDT

Officials with Les Bois Park in Idaho have announced that the track will shut down permanently if the Senate decides to repeal the laws that make Instant Racing terminals legal in the state.

According to a report on, track officials have said that they will permanently shut the track down on June 30 of this year if the measure is signed into law.

On Thursday, March 19 the House State Affairs Committee in Idaho voted 15-2 in favour of advancing a bill that calls for the removal of roughly 200 Instant Racing terminals from various locations in the state.

The article states that the bill is currently awaiting its third reading. The bill was created because some Senators believe that the machines that are currently in operation now are not the machines that they intended to legalize two years ago.

Treasure Valley Racing Association President John Sheldon has been quoted as saying “We've spent a lot of time educating different members of the legislature; I mean I think it's noteworthy that when it came out of the House State of Affairs Committee they brought it forward with no recommendation and typically they would have a do-pass recommendation. I think this is a difficult bill for them. This is an anti-business bill."

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