‘No Contest’ At The Raceway

Published: March 22, 2016 09:03 pm EDT

The fourth race on Tuesday evening’s card of racing at The Raceway at Western Fair District was declared a ‘No Contest’ by the Ontario Racing Commission Judges following a spill that occurred shortly after the start.

Ryan Holliday was making a bid for the lead with Its Machademic from Post 2 when the pacer made a sudden break and fell. Dutch Seelster and driver Scott Wray, who were scoring from the second tier, were right behind Its Machademic. As a result, that pacer collided with Holliday and Its Machademic.

Holliday was shot out of his racebike, but quickly got back to his feet. Its Machademic also got up quickly. Wray and Dutch Seelster managed to stay up despite colliding with the fallen horse and driver.

Holiday opted to book off the remainder of his Tuesday evening drives following the spill.

“My neck’s a wee bit sore,” Holliday told Trot Insider. “I’ve got a couple little cuts, but nothing serious.”

Holliday also noted his charge, Its Machademic, came away in relatively good order.

“The last I heard he was about the same - just cut up a little, I think,” added Holliday.

Please join Standardbred Canada in wishing both Holliday and Its Machademic a quick return to the racetrack.