Update On Woodbine Accident (Video added)

Published: March 2, 2009 11:01 pm EST

Trot Insider has learned that three drivers were sent to hospital following a horrible accident which

occurred in Monday night's Ontario Boys Pacing Series at Woodbine Racetrack.

Drivers Roger Mayotte and Robert Shepherd were taken to nearby hospital. Early reports indicate Mayotte suffered a broken shoulder, while Shepherd is believed to have a broken leg.

Mario Baillargeon was taken to a Milton hospital with an ankle injury. Chris Christoforou was shaken up in the accident and booked off the remainder of his drives. Rick Zeron competed in the next two races before booking off the remainder of his drives, as well.

The attending ORC vet, Dr. Jack McCall, indicated that all of the horses came out of the accident with no serious injuries. Many had cuts and scrapes, but that was the extent of the injuries.

Additional updates will be posted when more details are released on the condition of the various drivers.

Video footage of the race was recently posted on YouTube.

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i wated this race and is nothing short of a miracle that there were not more serious injuries i would like to wish all the drivers a speedy recovery

This accident was horrific to watch and everyone had a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach. The outcome was incredible as most of us felt the injuries to the drivers would be more serious and for all the horses to come out of this with minor injuries was nothing short of a miracle. Cudo's to all the horsemen in the barn that rushed out to assist.

I didn't see the crash but from what I heard from those that did, it was horrific to watch. I relieved to hear that the horses appear to be ok and that the drivers have come out of it with injuries that will, hopefully, heal in time and not put and end to their racing careers. Best wishesand a speedy recovery to all of those concerned.

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