Council To Vote On Fate Of Sandown?

Published: February 28, 2013 03:48 pm EST

It has been reported that North Saanich Council could be voting on the future of Sandown Park, home of the now-defunct Sandown Raceway, in the next couple of months.

According to an article by the Times Colonist, Peter Laughlin of the development company Omicron, has stated that test marketing has revealed that there is a strong positive response to the possibility of a shopping mall being erected on a small plot of the park.

The report states that the current plan is to see five acres of the 38-acre park designated for development, while the other 33 acres would be taken over by the District of North Saanich.

Sandown Raceway last held live horse racing in 2008 and has since been permanently closed.

(With files from the Times Colonist)