Pretty In Pink

Published: February 24, 2014 09:30 am EST

Sydney Seelster will set the standard for high fashion in horse paddocks everywhere, with her pink bridle, pink harness, pink blankets and now her new personalized pink Pennsbury jogger.

Fellow horse owner Adriano Sorella, built like a football linebacker but with kind eyes and a heart of gold, heard about Sydney Seelster’s return to Sydney Weaver and decided a celebration was in order.

He quickly got on the phone and contacted the Pennsbury factory placing an order for a brand new pink jogger customized with ‘Sydney Express’ written along the shaft. Adriano felt that this jogger could represent all that is good in the sport of harness racing.

He delivered the precious pink package to harness racing’s ambassador, Sydney Weaver, on Sunday, February 23. After a ride around the parking lot it was lovingly placed in the shedrow waiting for Sydney Seelster’s Monday jog.

Kind and generous souls like Adriano Sorella and bright lights like Sydney Weaver with her ‘pretty in pink’ horse, Sydney Seelster, represent the goodness in the sport of harness racing.



(Ruleen Lilley/SBOA)



What a sweet & wonderful gesture by Adriano Sorella.
I'm sure Pinky will be all the rage. I love reading about Pinky & Sydney -- every story brings a tear of joy

This is what horse racing and horse people are all about, caring, giving, generous loving people, and to read about these stories of people that have been fortunate enough in the business to make a little money and give back to people in the industry that is not as fortunate, warms my heart. A special thank you to all these people that step up to the plate and hit a home run (also to all the people we do not read about) and I must give a thumbs down to the GREED and maladministration of our government that is trying to limit the people who may want to give our industry a try as a business. Have a good day.

This again just shows the heart and caring that goes on within this sport. Things like this and the whole Sydney story from that faithful Christmas day when this wonderful young lady got the gift of her life, to the claim and the understanding and compassion that allowed her to get him back to this supplying a specially made bike. It's things that make me proud to be involved in this sport...