Improved Licensing Process Available

Published: December 21, 2011 03:26 pm EST

Racing Commissioners International now has a streamlined licensing process which is available to all harness horse owners, trainers, and drivers


Called the National Racing Compact, an arm of RCI, the membership cost is $225 for three years. Applicants simply fill out a form which asks the usual racing license questions, submit a set of fingerprints, and a photo. Thereafter you are never fingerprinted or photographed again.

Once you’re enrolled, you simply call the National Compact, tell them where you intend to race, and the compact takes care of all the licensing requirements. You’re asked to file a credit card number with the compact, and that credit card is used to pay whatever each jurisdiction charges as a licensing fee.

At the end of three years, you renew simply by paying a fee of $225, fill out an uncomplicated renewal form, and you’ll be all set for another three years.

This streamlined license program is available for stable and partnership licenses as well as for individuals. You can get the National Racing Compact license package by calling 859-224-0584 (Ext. 4004) or surfing over to

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