SC Releases Yearling Sale Survey Results

Published: December 17, 2016 05:00 pm EST

Close to 275 respondents participated in the Standardbred Canada Horse Sale Survey conducted November 18 through to November 27. The majority of the participants who responded were Buyers (63%), followed by Consignors and Attendees.

The overall scores (out of 10) for the SC 2016 Yearling Sale were as follows:

Customer Service: 7.02
Overall Experience: 6.29
Location of Sale: 5.97
Facilities: 5.60

Of all respondents, 81% stated that they attended both the SC Sale and the Forest City Yearling Sale (FCYS). Of those respondents, 47% stated that both sales satisfied their overall customer experience most, 43% stated that the FCYS satisfied their overall customer experience most, and 10% of respondents stated that the SC Sale satisfied their overall customer experience most.

When asked if given the choice, would respondents prefer one yearling sale or two yearling sales, the answer was split with 51% preferring one sale and 49% recommending two sales.

Along with the responses, SC received hundreds of comments pertaining to the Yearling Sale which are now being reviewed.

Standardbred Canada Sales Manager Heather Reid commented that “the survey results are very similar to the last survey taken three years ago and further discussions are being had with management to decide on next steps as a result of this year’s survey to ensure that we are providing our customers the best possible sales experience in the future.”

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