Down Under Industry Turning Up Sex Appeal

Published: December 17, 2008 01:03 pm EST

For years the horse racing industry has been seeking a way of getting the attention of different demographics. Agree with it or not, marketing campaigns which utilize sex appeal do get noticed. The organizers behind the 2009 Inter Dominion Carnival, to be held in Australia, are hoping they can cash in on it.

According to an article posted today on, organizers of the Inter Dominion Carnival today launched an ad campaign featuring "sexy slogans in a bid to sell harness racing to a younger generation."

"For too long harness racing has simply hoped for the best. We need to think our our sport as an entertainment product,'' Albion Park Harness Racing Club vice chairman David Fowler was quoted as saying in the article. "This is just a taste of things to come."

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Good for them. It's about time someone in the horse racing industry did something to try and capture the public's attention. In Australia, people dress up to go to the races and it is quite a lavish affair.

We need to market to people with money. Make horse racing a prestigious event. Think of all the money being spent at expensive restaurants and night clubs. Why can't we grab even a small percentage of those people?

When will someone here step up and try something different to get noticed??