Lawsuit Filed Over Penn National Ouster

Published: December 1, 2010 12:05 pm EST

It has been reported that a federal lawsuit has been filed in regard to the ouster of a high calibre owner and trainer early this year in Pennsylvania


The Patriot-News has reported that thoroughbred owner Michael Gill and trainer Anthony Adamo have filed suit against three of the state racing commission's top executives.

The owner and trainer have claimed that their constitutional rights were violated by the trio because they were not allowed to defend themselves against what they say were false claims of unethical behaviour. Gill and Adamo were ejected from Penn National Race Course in February, 2010.

Gill and Adamo, were barred from racing horses at Penn National Race Course after jockeys and trainers refused to enter races in which Gill had a horse participating. The position taken by the jockeys and trainers was that they feared Gill's horses breaking down and hurting others during the races. The jockeys and trainers also claimed that unethical practices were at play regarding Gill/Adamo horses.

Around the time of the pair's ouster from the track, Gill claimed that it was due to jealousy and dirty politics. Jockey's refused to ride horses owned by Gill and trained by Adamo due to an alarmingly high rate of catastrophic breakdowns and life-threatening accidents.

According to The Patriot-News, Gill and Adamo are seeking unspecified monetary damages in their suit. They also claim the harm done to their reputations is nearly irreparable. Gill is claiming the racing commission should have protected him and Adamo from the 'illegal boycott' and fined or suspended the trainers and jockeys. Gill is claiming the events forced him to disperse his horse holdings.

Adamo has claimed he wasn’t allowed to see alleged evidence against him before being fined $1,000 and suspended from the track. According to Adamo, he was abused by commission investigators during a voluntary interview that same month.

(With files from The Patriot-News)

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