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Published: November 4, 2014 02:33 pm EST

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has announced that eligible members of OLG’s Winner’s Circle Rewards program will be invited to participate in a short-term, soft launch of the OLG’s new internet gaming site,, before it becomes available to legal-aged Ontarians in the coming weeks.

The OLG announced the news via release, which states that participants will preview and provide feedback on the site.

The release states that the OLG will join British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and all of the Atlantic Provinces in offering a provincially-regulated internet gaming entertainment option. The notice states that, currently, approximately 500,000 Ontarians annually spend an estimated $400 - $500 million on out-of-province, grey market sites which are not regulated in Ontario.

The preview will allow eligible customers to register, play games and fully experience PlayOLG. The site will include interactive casino-style games, including slots and table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, as well as the ability to purchase LOTTO 6/49 and LOTTO MAX lottery tickets as well as ENCORE.

For additional information, click here.

To visit the PlayOLG website, click here.

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This reminds me of what a Prof told our Graduate Class. He said "ladies and gentlemen if you want to have any chance of success stay away from government agencies and pray they stay away from you"!!

these guys are very dangerous...make that desperate and dangerous...

no way you start anything like this without acknowledging horses and pro sports betting ....

is it possible the chinese firm that they hooked up with or anyone tannenbaum might be connected to DOESNT HAVE access to the software that can work the horses too.......

and as far as sports gambling goes...we all know it needs federal approval....and that has to be acknowledged for any of this to have real credibility.....and where are they now on this massive billion dollar issue???
**and has been said before on that,,,if you want a 'pilot project' to see if it'll fly, why not test it on-site at ALL of Ontario's racetracks and see the young men come forward...

why does this government have to make things so hard?

because they don't know better.

In reply to by jctoronto

I can't agree more Jim. They don't seem to have the knowledge or ability to do it right.
Just look at their new web display for Proline.
It looks totally unprofessional (in my opinion). The format and colours make it hard on the eyes and difficult to read. You have to wonder who puts this stuff together and who approves it .. obviously not someone who plays Proline.

It's ironic that just about every sports betting site that I've seen (and there are lots of them) provides access to betting on the major Thoroughbred and Harness tracks ... but the OLG makes no mention of Horse betting being made available ... even with their mandate to "integrate" with Horse Racing.

The OLG has been instructed to "integrate" with horse racing... but there's no mention of being able to wager on horse racing on their new internet gaming site??? OHRIA? Ms. Wynne?

The problem is that most of that $400 to $600 million is spent on #1-Sports Wagering, as well as Poker (Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud & others) and yes .. even Horse Racing.

I don't see any of that here !

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