Fritz Et Al Get In The Christmas Spirit

Published: December 1, 2011 10:23 am EST

This Sunday, December 4, the clubhouse at Windsor Raceway will be overflowing with generosity as employees from Caesars Windsor's Food & Beverage department, along with family and friends, will be raising money for Windsor's downtown mission


Anita Fritz, a standardbred horse owner/groom and Caesars Windsor Food & Beverage employee, has informed Trot Insider that she printed off 120 tickets (priced at $25 each) for a fundraiser simply entitled 'A Night At The Races.' The cost of the ticket covers a buffet dinner, $10 in free slots play, a free race program and Caesars Windsor cards or dice.

Not surprisingly, the 120 tickets sold out in just three weeks.

"I am an owner/groom and I thought what better way to bring the business I love to my fellow co-workers at Caesars Windsor and raise money for the downtown mission," Fritz, the organizer of the event, told Trot Insider.

She explained to Trot Insider that $9.71 from each ticket sold will be going to the downtown mission along with money raised through draws/raffles. "We also ask for a donation of a canned good for a chance to win a door prize," Fritz said.

"My family has been in the racing business for a long time, and what better way to support our sport then to bring in people who may never go to a racetrack and help raise money to support a great organization.

"This will be my second fundraiser with the Food & Beverage team of Caesars Windsor held at Windsor Raceway. Last year we raised money for the Children's Aid adopt a family program and did so well we also adopted a family from the hiatus house."



Well done Anita! Windsor Raceway sure needs this and every track needs this it means bringing new ppl to the races wich is never a bad thing we need more ppl like u to bring that to every tracks so we get new fans!!! once again job well done Anita and say hi to brad lol

Great job Anita. This industry needs alot more positive publicity like this and I think its great what you are doing to raise money for the less fortunate.