COSA: What Claiming Rule Do You Like?

Published: November 12, 2009 03:09 pm EST

Starting Monday, November 16, 2009, there will be a ballot box located in the paddocks at both Mohawk and Woodbine Racetracks


The ballot is with respect to the present claiming rule:

15.09 A claimed horse, regardless of ownership:

(b) shall only be entered in a claiming race within 15 days of the horse being claimed, if it is entered in a claiming race in a class higher than the race from which it was claimed. For purposes of this requirement, a 'class higher' shall be not less than 20% more than the amount for which the horse was claimed.

On the ballot you will be asked to indicate which rule you prefer; the present claiming rule or the previous claiming rule that did not require you to enter your horse in a class higher.

You will be required to present your Ontario Racing Commission card in order to vote.

Please take the time to fill out a ballot.

(Central Ontario Standardbred Association)



In as few works as I can offer....It's far too late and not good enough...The folks responsible for this rule, anyone that was involved in forcing this rule upon us; should be fired...This rule has destroyed our handle and chased away countless owners...For me, fixing the mess isn't good enough...Those that put us in this position, might in future impliment rules that will once again put us at risk....They must not be permitted to hold any positions wherein they are able to have any effect on the Standardbred industry.

Seeing as OHHA has been opposed to this rule from the onset and has continually pressed for the "claiming rule" to be rescinded it is fair to say that the STRONGEST majority of Ontario's horsepeople do not support the current rule. I will venture a guess when the ballot box is opened 90%+ of the votes will be in support of a return to the "original" rule that permits horsepeople the ability to manage their business and value their horses as they deem necessary. For those not at Woodbine who would like their vote cast please send me an email at [email protected] and I will see that it finds its way to COSA's attention.

Darryl MacArthur

There is and was no common sense for the last 10 years and I am not holding my breath for it to change any time soon. It's sad.

2 years ago I proposed a compromise of the current rule -- which I was opposed to from it's inception. I suggested since the regulator seemed reluctant to get rid of the 15 day rule that it be changed to 7 days or the next start where you had to race the horse for 20% greater value.

Well they wouldn't hear of it -- no changing THEIR rule everything was fine. Fast forward another 2 years till the claiming game has been decimated as myself and every racetrack person that was asked before it was implemented told them would happen. Well if they are going to make a change I say bravo to the regulator for finally perhaps using common sense but let's wait to see what they come up with in the end could be just another whipping rule redux.

to start with they should bring back all the old classes of claiming races..the way it is now you can go for days and days with nothing to do you get new owners when that is the case..

I'll renew my ORC card just to cast my vote against the claiming rule as it exists. It is the reason I got out of owning.

It is about time this rule was looked at once again. We had the best business model in the Country and destroyed it. Now there is an opportunity to bring that original business model back.

It is very smart business to not be afraid to go back to the way things were before if a new strategy does not work.

Why would you assume that everyone knows the present claiming conditions? List them-- Speak to the public-----Sometimes we have some good input. Regards

Will there be other opportunities to vote for those not racing at Woodbine?