Fraser Downs To Reduce Takeout

Published: October 3, 2011 03:50 pm EDT

Raj Mutti, Great Canadian Gaming Corp.'s regional general manager of BC Racing, has announced that the take-out rates at Fraser Downs will be reduced

to 15 per cent for Win, Place and Show wagering, as well as Win-4 wagering.

“The new rates will go into effect with the start of our 2011-2012 standardbred season on Friday, October 7,” Mutti said via release. “We believe that consistency between our two racing facilities is important.”

Mutti was referring to the 15 per cent take-out announced at Hastings Racecourse prior to the 2011 thoroughbred season. He said the introduction of the lower rate at Hastings “put us on the players’ radar” as a gesture offering as much wagering money as possible back to the customer.




Fraser downs reducing of the takeout is a positive but the reality is that it will do nothing to help the race game turn itself around. There handle last sunday was a mere $114 thousand, so these are pools that big players cannot bet into so it does nothing to bring big players back to the race game or to retain big players. What has to happen before it is to late and it may well already be to late is the two remaining tracks with a million plus handle weg and the big m need to reduce the takeout not to 15% but 10% or less in every pool. This would have a chance of bringing people like me back to the race game and may help in attracting some younger players but the industry needs to understand that half measures like decreasing the take out rate to 15% will do nothing long term as 15% is still uncompetitive with other forms of gambling.


He said their two racing facilities, this should speak volumes about how GCG views it's Ontario slot revenue.

Hopefully there will be a government elected that can get the ORC to put racing first. Get out and Vote!

Any chance this same group could do the same for Flamboro and Georgian?

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It would be great if the Ontario tracks would lower their take-outs..... but in the meantime, my coin will be going down on the British Columbia tracks. If the pools increase in BC and decrease in Ontario, maybe then ???

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