Mike Stevenson Suspended

Published: October 19, 2010 10:25 am EDT

Driver Mike Stevenson has been suspended for five years after a positive test for a controlled substance

earlier this month.

According to the Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission, Stevenson's infraction occurred on October 1 at Summerside Raceway. When asked for comment by CBC News if he would appeal, Stevenson simply stated, “There is nothing to appeal.”

With more than 1,200 wins in his career, Stevenson was in the midst of a career season with a personal best total of 115 wins from 602 starts. Neither the MPHRC nor Harness Racing PEI would comment.



This is his fifth time being caught with drugs in his system. He was handed a five year suspension. He should never be allowed to drive a horse again. If this was under the Ontario Jockey Club, he would be suspended for life. He was caught once, shame on him, caught the other four times, shame on the Maritime Harness Racing Commission and Standardbred Canada.

I have to agree with Mr. Robinski. You get caught with a positive test in a horse and get a couple of weeks and a fine and it is against the horses will as they can't say no to drugs, animal cruelty. Some person is caught and by his or her own design takes voluntarily gets five years. Impaired horse or impaired driver, what is the difference? If you drug a person without their knowledge or consent for the purpose of commiting a criminal act you get a lot of time in prison, maybe the same should happen to those caught in horse racing as the betting public doesn't know who or who doesn't thus a criminal act to the betting public, I think it's called cheating. Maybe it's time the rules do change.

Greg Parke

I don't know and have never met this Mr. Stevenson. But I will bet my life against 1 dollar that the betters are much more concerned with horses who have illegal substances in their systems than drivers. 5 years seems beyond belief considering what those who have drugged horses have faced!!

I was always a supporter of Mike...But there is a time when enough chances is enough.
He was a heck of a pilot and could train one with the best but unfortunately he had and still has other issues.
Sorry to read this..But it has to stop somewhere.
Good luck in your new future Mike..Get your other evils looked after!